The history of a company is also the history of an entire community.

For over 100 years, F.lli Razeto & Casareto has designed and manufactured customisable complements and accessories for large liners, cruise ships and yachts.

With half of its production aimed at the overseas market, the company has become an international leaderand is highly regarded by major shipyards also for its superb component customisation ability and its vast distribution and service network that crosses all the continents.
With historic ties to Sori, on the Eastern Riviera, the F.lli Razeto & Casareto headquarters occupies a 2500 sqm three-story building overlooking the Ligurian coast. Here, the values of industriousness, creativity and respect for the environmentare a legacy handed down from generation to generation, on seas all over the world. “

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A company heritage built on the sea.

“F.lli Razeto & Casareto is a long-established company of the Ligurian Riviera specialising in the production of quality accessories for the marine sector.

This is a family-run, highly flexible operation that avoids mass production and assembly lines, thereby giving large and small customers the option of a high level of product customisation; they can rely on the experience and expertise of specialist craftsmen and technicians who are able to evolve, adapt to and anticipate market trends. In addition to its core production of locks and hardware, the company has in recent years expanded beyond the marine sector with innovative and multi award-winning handle ranges that embrace the needs of the future by combining luxury and technology. “


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100 years of history and maritime tradition

“F.lli Razeto & Casareto was founded in 1919, at the close of the First World War.

It began as a small foundry in the centre of Sori, where the Razeto brothers together with Carlo Casareto began to supplyhinges, coat hooks, locks and ship partsto Genoese marine suppliers.

In 1930 the company grew so much that it was able to directly supply national and international shipyards, including Ansaldo of Genoa, which at the time was engaged in the construction of the transatlantic liner Rex. During these years, the production of light alloy items for warships increased and the first product catalogue was published. “

From ocean liners to cruise ships.

“The reconstruction of the Italian merchant and tourist fleet after the Second World War led to a marked increase in the company’s workload and marked increase in the company’s workload and a concurrent expansion of the factory floorspace. Production now included accessories for doors, cabins, portholes and windows for the major Italian transatlantic liners of the time: the Giulio Cesare, Cristoforo Colombo, Andrea Doria, Michelangelo and Raffaello.

With the passing of transatlantic liner era, the company turned its attention to the emerging yacht and leisure market, which absorbed 50% of its production; the remaining 50% was aimed at the national and international cruise shipbuilding market. “

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Awarded for innovating.

“Significant investment in research and development has allowed F.lli Razeto & Casareto to expand its historical output and to develop the Innovation & Design Lab. The visible result has been the company’s outstanding work in the design and creation of smart handles, which have garnered awards at the top trade fairs and design competitions around the world.

Now, in today’s social media age when visibility is paramount, these awards for smart handles, combining design, technology, luxury and safety, are precisely what has brought the company to the attention of non-marine sectors, leading to globally important awards and partnerships.

This major change of course symbolises a company that has never ceased evolving and exploring after more than 100 years of activity, driven by the determination of generations of Ligurians and a deep-seated love for discovery, homeland and the sea.”

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