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On the strength of years of naval specialisation and expertise, the creation of the Freego concept opens the way for F.lli Razeto & Casareto to launch autonomous projects and innovative lines combining luxury and technology.

Awards all over the world


The infinite possibilities of aesthetic imagination combined with multi-functional features have allowed these products to flourish also in non-marine sectors and win prestigious awards both for advanced technology and for design.

Technology working for people.


“Cable-free-powered and connected to on-board systems, our luminous handles are a turning point in terms of safety for the entire marine sector. Alongside these are the brand new handles with antiviral technology: symbols of an evolving company attentive to the needs of the world. On board as well as on shore. “


The first anticontamination handle.

F.lli Razeto & Casareto has worked with esi Antimicrobial System to develop the first ever and still the only handle with antibacterial, antifungal and anticoronavirus technology.

Certified anticoronavirus technology.

The handles are laboratory-certified for efficacy against Coronavirus; their antiviral properties are provided by an unremovable complex metal cluster that naturally emits silver ions, thus activating their antimicrobial function indefinitely.

The system created in partnership with esi Antimicrobial Systems can be used with different types of door and furniture handle, both on shipboard and onshore environments.

esi Antimicrobial System is a technology certified by the virology laboratory of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.



Multifunctionality combining luxury and technology.

Freego is the first example of product innovation by F.lli Razeto & Casareto.

Imagined as a revolutionary, biomimetic concept, Freego’s iconic shape is inspired by the scarab beetle – a jewel-like creature celebrated since time immemorial for its beauty and possessed of remarkable navigation and orientation skills.

The mechanical component, paired with an exclusively designed interchangeable grip, makes Freego a handle with limitless aesthetic possibilities, perfect for enhancing any space, ship, yacht or superyacht.


Innovation close to hand.

OSSH is the luminous, smart handle with safety functions and which has won multiple awards at international competitions.

OSSH communicates with the dashboard through a proprietary F.lli Razeto & Casareto protocol and also uses light to transmit technical and safety information: a red flashing light signals possible alerts, while strong white light illuminates cabins and corridors in the event of a blackout.

Initially conceived as a safety handle for fire doors on cruise ships, OSSH technology can be adapted to shipboard needs in various forms. It is also aesthetically and technically customisable, with different illumination scenarios that can be adapted to the automation systems of yachts and superyachts.


Created to disappear.

Flush Line is the flush-mounted, removable and retractable marine handle designed to ensure maximum functionality on board, in the smallest possible space.

In marine environments, handles must function in a context of limited space. The Flush Line, designed to meet these very specific needs, are minimal design accessories that typify both the style and the form of the handle; it literally “disappears” into the furniture item after use, automatically and completely autonomously returning to its original position.

A valued, invisible ally on sea voyages, Flush Line is nail friendly: easily extracted even by people with very long nails.


Little accessories that make travel grand.

Soft Line is the range of soft marine handles, designed to make every moment on board more aesthetically appealing, as well as safe.

In marine environments, handles are vitally important accessories that must necessarily meet sector-specific functionality, design and safety requirements.

Made of leather and hi-tech materials, Soft Line comprises elegant, functional accessories that retain shape memory, thus ensuring safe, pleasant sailing at all times.

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