Since 1920 F.lli Razeto and Casareto designs and produces furniture and accessories for the marine industry , from large liners to modern cruise ships. This production includes locks and fittings for doors and furniture , guides and pulleys for sliding doors , hinges , door-holders,, hooks , door latches , lever fasteners, adjusters, chair fasteners, handles , aerators , handrail supports , watertight doors and hatches. In 2000 it was opened the section INNOVATION & DESIGN . Traditional and innovative materials are used to find new ways to usual duties . The use of high quality materials combined with customized products in constant evolution makes the F.lli Razeto & Casareto SpA a reference point for all those who want to merge functionality , safety and all-Italian design in only one product.

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F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO SPA at Salone Nautico 2019
September 19-24
Genoa, IT


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